About Us

Welcome to Ark Animal Hospital!

At Ark Animal Hospital we take pride in providing honest, compassionate, and owner appropriate medical care for dogs and cats. Our recommendation to clients regarding the care of their pets has always been to offer the best possible options with the realization that some clients financial situations may not allow them to afford all services and treatments recommended or available. This understanding gives us the opportunity to promote appropriate services, medications, products and diets that maintain the pet’s health and welfare and strengthens the client-patient-veterinarian bond.

Ark Animal Hospital was originated in 1984 by Dr. John Hetzler. In 2008, Dr. Lianne Chu joined Dr. Hetzler as an associate veterinarian and in 2015 she took over as the owner. She has continued with Dr. Hetzler’s vision informing a veterinary practice utilizing the highest quality of medicine while still considering all variables involved.

At Ark Animal Hospital, the staff, client's and patients are all a part of what we consider the Ark family. We make all efforts to promote positive relationships with our clients and patients and are constantly working to build client’s trust in the information and advice the staff provides regarding their pets.

As we move forward, we will strive to discover advancements in medical care for animal patients in order to alleviate their pain and suffering, to provide better diagnostic information and treatment options, and to enhance the bond pet owners have with their pets. This allows us, as a veterinary team, to maintain optimal health and well-being for the patients in our care that is affordable and valuable for their owners.